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Rainbow Dog Boarding was founded in 2018 to provide a clean and safe environment for your Dog(s), while you are away.


Our facility, with 17 boarding kennels is located and integrated into our private property in Plantersville TX, all fenced.

The dogs will be taken care off by the owner Manuela (Ela) Hammer (CPS certified), who is experienced in handling dogs. Kennels are  5‘ x 7‘ inside (A/C & heated) and 5‘ x 12‘ outside run (covered) connected by a doggy door and all epoxy for easy cleaning.

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FYI: Currently we are not accepting new customers due to our limited capacity.

Attached is a 6ft fenced dog park (incl. pools for the hot days) where the dogs will be let out several times a day. Those, that go along, get play time together;  others, not so social, get their individual time outside.

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